About Zadar

The history of Zadar goes 3,000 years back when it was first mentioned as a settlement in written documents and historical artefacts. It became a fully urbanized centre during ancient Roman times and remained as such continuously for another two millennia.

Zadar is both, an atmospheric time machine and an open-air museum. Here on display, you will find some of the most beautiful monuments of architecture and cultural heritage of the eastern Adriatic coast. Its city walls are the ancient guardians of this still vibrant historic museum in the open, end they were rightly added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

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Getting to Zadar:

Zadar is connected by land, sea and air to Europe and the world, which makes it one of the most reachable destinations on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Zadar is in the centre of the Adriatic itself, at a distance of only 280 kilometres from the Croatian capital Zagreb, or 160 kilometres from Split to the south. One can easily reach Zadar from Budapest, Milan, Prague, Vienna and other Central European metropolises by road, as well as by car ferry from Ancona.

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