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OCTOBER 14-16, 2022

The ESNCH 2022 conference will have five types of presentations:


  • Teaching Course lecture
  • Conference lecture
  • Oral communication
  • Interactive clinical case
  • E-poster


We hereby present the overall guidelines for Chairpersons and for each type of presentation.

Conference Session Chairpersons

The Chairperson will conduct the session at the conference and is asked to take an active part in the session, introducing the topic and speakers, calling for questions and even starting the discussion by raising some points of interest or contention. The Chairperson should preferably meet with the other chairperson and speakers before the session starts and review the order of presentations and plan the discussion.

Time management will be the responsibility of the Chairpersons. For the success of the conference, it will be essential to preserve the break times to allow networking, visit to the exhibition area and respect for the parallel sessions planned.

During the conference sessions, specific time for discussion is allocated, at the end of all lectures of that session. Both Speaker and Chairperson will have a time clock visible.

The overall time of the session must not pass the allocated time. As such, all sessions should start and finish on time.

In case the speaker extends his/her presentation beyond the allocated time, the Chairperson should alert the speaker. If needed, the discussion of the session should be shortened so that the session ends on time, promoting discussion in the conference breaks.